Eureca  Extensible Undergraduate Research in Communications Applications

Networking-Signal Processing-Security-Wireless

2017 Program

Apply for EURECA

EURECA 2017 Dates
Application Due:
Apr. 16

Program Starts:
June 5

Program Ends:
Aug. 4

Application Process

  1. Find a faculty member willing to write a letter of recommendation for you towards this program
  2. Obtain an unofficial transcript of your grades, scan it and create a PDF file
  3. Write up your ideas on why you wish to participate in this program - your statement of research
  4. Go online and submit your application
  5. You will hear from us by email if you are selected to join the program. You may not hear from us if you have not been selected.
  6. We will mail you details at the mailing address provided in your resume - on when and where to arrive, housing information and other local attractions. Please fill out the enrollment form and bring it with you to the first day of the program
  7. If you are selected and cannot join us due to unforeseen reasons, please write back to us immediately